Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recruiting Update!

The following is an update from Lisa Wolff, Program and Recruitment Coordinator.

Application Season is upon us here at Amate House! Starting in November and December each year, we begin receiving applications from prospective Volunteers eager to figure out their plans for next year! It’s always exciting for us to see where applicants are coming from: Texas, Boston, Minnesota and California; graduates from schools we always get applications from and from schools we’ve never before heard of!

As we start up the interviews in December, it will be a joy for us to meet applicants and get to know them, to brag about our program and give tours of the Volunteer houses. As our list of Amate House Alumni grows each year, it’s amazing to see what a great group of people have come and gone from this program. Once you are in, you are family; and it’s a little funny to think that we’ll soon start interviewing candidates who want to be a part of this family!

For those of you out there working on the application (which can be found on our website), I encourage you to be creative with your essays! Our early deadline this year is February 1st and our final deadline is April 1st, or until the program is full! We always encourage early applications as the program has a tendency to fill early.

Since we accept Volunteers on a rolling basis, it’s important for interested applicants to be in touch with either Ryan Lents or me if they are planning to apply. Ryan and I do most of the interviewing and coordinate visits for those who are able to come out to Chicago!

We really are very excited to start up with interviews and getting to know candidates! If you or someone you know is interested in applying, please don’t hesitate to call or email volunteer@amatehouse.org with questions!

Download our Volunteer Application here.